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Full-Service Payroll From $85 Monthly. Save $25 Monthly for Bookkeeping Clients


Payroll and payroll taxes are the biggest administrative burden for small business owners, according to the National Small Business Association’s 2015 taxation survey. Among businesses that handle payroll internally, 1 in 10 spends 10 hours or more per month managing payroll, which comes out to 120 hours or more a year.

Pricing is a critical factor for many small and medium-sized businesses considering whether to outsource their payroll work to third parties. I specialize in small business payroll. I can eliminate your payroll headaches, and make sure your payroll is handled correctly. I provide my clients with comprehensive Full Service Payroll. I can save the typical SMB a "switch-my-payroll-provider-today" amount on payroll processing costs every year with my professional payroll solution.

I can...

  • set up your company's payroll
  • verify your payroll taxes are correctly withheld and deposited
  • process all of your federal, state, and local taxes
  • set up direct deposit for you
  • handle ongoing payroll deductions and contributions
  • answer all of your payroll-related questions
  • Create and file 1099's


  • Complete Payroll Processing – Just send me your employee’s pay information and I do the rest – I compute all tax deductions (federal, state, local), commissions, bonuses, pre-tax deductions, etc.
  • Checks/Direct Deposits – Paychecks or Direct deposits to your employees’ bank accounts? – Your choice.
  • Payroll Taxes – I prepare and file all required Federal and State payroll tax returns on your behalf. We can also pay them for you when due, so you don’t have to think about it. And best of all, this is all included when you sign up for my payroll service.
  • Year-end tax documents – Your employees’ W-2s are completed, printed, and sent to you at the end of the year, at NO additional charge.


  • Experience – As a small business CPA payroll professional I am not just a data clerk. I have knowledge and expertise in payroll tax issues.
  • Convenience – My payroll service is ALL-INCLUSIVE. My payroll tax filings, tax deposits, year-end W-2s are all included at no additional charge.
  • Savings – My payroll service fees are generally 50% lower than our competitors. While my competitors charge for every additional service, my low flat fees cover it all.

How does it work?

  • Paychecks – Once I set up your payroll account, all you need to do is to provide me with your employees’ pay information at the end of each pay period and I do the rest. You can fax or call in your information at each pay period. You will also receive a complete set of payroll reports with each payroll run.
  • Tax Deposits – I can pay the payroll taxes on your behalf to the appropriate governmental agencies on a timely basis.
  • Tax Filings – At the end of each quarter and at year-end (or monthly in some cases), I will complete all relevant tax returns, including Federal 941, 940, state withholding reports, and unemployment reports. I will also provide you with your employees’ W-2 forms at year-end.

$85/month for 1-5 employees, and $50 for each 5 additional employees.

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I make payroll easy for my clients. If you’re interested in outsourcing your payroll headaches, just contact me for pricing and specifics.