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My Home-Based Online/Remote CPA Office

I'm a small business bookkeeping and tax practice here in the Denver, CO metro area. It’s my passion but probably not yours. I relieve the burden and mystery of bookkeeping and tax, empowering business owners to clearly focus on what they’re most passionate about and what they do best.

As a CPA in the 21st century, I embrace the Firm of the Future methods. I use the best accounting technologies to ensure my clients’ long-term success. By embracing modern bookkeeping, I have reshaped the way small businesses manage their company financials. 

By leveraging the Internet and cloud-based applications I am able to bring the accountant to the business — instead of the other way around — lowering costs and increasing efficiency. Despite my technology focus, I understand the need to preserve the accountant-client relationship.

Bookkeeping | Taxes | Payroll | Accounting Advice

I know bookkeeping isn’t for everyone. That’s why I offer CPA Bookkeeping and related professional services — to make back-office transactions easy. I am there for the solopreneur, the mid-sized company and businesses in-between. Today, the days of waiting at an accountant's office are over. You can work just as easily from the comfort of your own home or office.

Do Not Try This At Home

There are some things you just shouldn’t do yourself, and bookkeeping and taxes are certainly two of them. I offer Full-service accounting for small businesses and two kinds of tax preparation — business and personal — both of which allow you to use my Virtual Tax Organizer, follow a few easy steps and then as your CPA I will prepare, review, file and sign your taxes. Incredibly easy tax prep — what a concept!

"What you will find with my CPA service — friendly, responsive and proactive service, at a fixed rate billing.  Like most everything I do, I’ve taken a unique approach to an old-school industry.  It’s definitely worth checking out."


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