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Whether you have a regular 1040 tax return or a Small Business Corporation tax return, I can help you. My business is built upon the personal relationships I have with individual tax clients, small business owners and self-employed professionals such as yourself. 

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As a home-based CPA, I work remotely from my home. I am available all year long if you have questions and I never charge clients a fee for asking questions. My clients are always free to contact me at any time if they are unsure about tax implications or how to handle a financial transaction.  There is only a charge for substantive work that has to be performed. I will always strive to give you an estimate prior to starting any work.


The Free Consultation is a “meet and greet” where you tell me your situation and I explain how I would potentially solve the issue and give you an estimate of fees. I conduct my practice as a QuickBooks® Online - Virtual Office Based CPA practice from my in-home office in Denver Metro, CO.

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I work almost exclusively with secure portals, phone, email, fax and with clients comfortable using online methods to conduct business. I believe that much of what is needed to perform your tax/accounting work most effectively and efficiently is done with modern technology.

I believe this allows me to keep my fees lower while still producing quality work. Although I do not have a requirement to meet face to face, I know that not everyone is comfortable doing business with someone 100% online.

Although I do not meet with clients in my home, I would be happy to meet with you as an initial in-person meeting. I would be happy to meet you: in your office, at your kitchen table, at a local coffee house or the like in the below zip code areas:

(zipcodes: 80019,80022,80024,80229,80233,80238,80241,80249,80601,80602,80603,80621,80640).

Wherever we meet it will be a professional and friendly meeting to chat about your tax/accounting situation and how I can help you.

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