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Last December, Congress passed several tax law changes (The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act or TCJA). The largest changes were in laws relating to business owners, specifically targeted at the type of structures business owners use. 

What worries me the most is that small businesses like yours won't change their companies in time and get a massive tax surprise come tax season.

I have an offer to make you. I have a special report I can email to you that goes into some of the details of what I am talking about. In this report, you will see:

• How the new tax bill picks winners and losers based on business structure
• The kinds of businesses that are eligible for the 20% Sec 199A deduction (new this year)
• The requirements for each business to be eligible for the 21% corporate tax rate
• The dangers of sole proprietorships and LLCs in this new environment
• And steps you can take to minimize your tax burden and take advantage of your start-up

To receive the report just go to my website CONTACT PAGE and request this FREE Report and I will send the report to you completely free of charge. This may be your last chance to take action and save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS...

I Will Cut Right To The Chase. I Want To Speak With You.  BUT…  ONLY IF YOU HAVE ONE OF THESE PROBLEMS:

  • Not sure what your business taxes will be
  • Feel like you are paying too much in taxes
  • Keeping your books on a spreadsheet
  • Unaware of Colorado business tax needs
  • Can’t say what your profit is each month
  • Not an S-corporation and not sure what it is
  • Don’t know what the Sec. 199A deduction is
  • Need business lending or been turned down

If none of these issues apply to you, then you might not need me right now.  But, if you read that list and at least one of these issues applies, then we should talk.