The Small Business Road

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You’re one of the brave souls who took a risk and started a business. You knew the world needed you, or at least your community. You’re a dreamer, a doer, a job creator, one of the small business owners that build the backbone of our country. You took the road less traveled.

The Journey

Maybe you worked for a big company and decided to venture out on your own. Maybe you’re now leading the family business. Or maybe you just never wanted to look back and regret not pursuing your dream. Whatever the case, you took the first step and your business has gained traction. You love showing up for work, you’re making money, and people are jumping on board to be part of the success. You’re confident in your business, but you’re not exactly sure how you got here. You’re not entirely sure where you’re headed, either.

The Problem: What happened to the dream of freedom?‚Äč

Now it seems you’re getting lost in the details and something has to give. Things are starting to slip through the cracks and it feels like your business is managing you.  Maybe this describes you:

  • Stuck behind closed doors in piles of paperwork instead of growing your business.
  • Constantly checking your bank account to see how you’re doing.
  • Frustrated, wondering where all your money’s going.
  • Stressed by late notices or penalties and interest from missed payments.
  • Sacrificing more and more of your family time in order to straighten it all out.

I Provide The Map.

Enter Gary L Hulett CPA, MBA. I'm a bookkeeping and tax shop who understands small business. My passion is to give business owners the freedom to grow and manage their business while I take care of all the numbers, taxes and payments. Simply put, I free you up to do what you do best.