Virtual CPA Tax Preparation Service

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Tailored to meet your unique lifestyle and the fast paced demands of today's virtual world, I provide the tax services you deserve-effortless, accessible, personal, affordable-all from a licensed CPA. My convenient, internet-based business is the perfect match for on-the-go families, individuals, busy professionals and entrepreneurs like you. Your tax return is prepared by a licensed Colorado CPA tax accountant who will take the time to understand your individual needs. And you can do it all from the comfort of your living room, your office, your hotel room, your...wherever.

Life is too busy and your time is too precious to be doing taxes the old way

You're one step away from working with your tax preparer entirely online. Imagine no driving in traffic and no tax office visits, tax preparation on your schedule.

Business and personal tax preparation services. The Safe and Simple way. As easy as 1-2-3.

Now that you are ready to get started on your taxes, so am I! Please review the list below to begin preparing your tax returns. I can finalize your tax returns completely online from the convenience of your home or office, or a local meeting spot. My mission is to deliver a tax preparation experience that is professional, personal, cost-effective and convenient. I will come to you (in the Cloud)!

Through a simple, online process to begin submitting your tax preparation information. This ensures a comprehensive tax return and an economic tax preparation fee. Register by clicking on Gary L Hulett CPA take care of your taxes this year.


For an estimated tax preparation quote by phone, please contact me for a 5-10 minute phone consultation.

Pricing For Personal Tax Returns

My fees for an “average” itemized personal tax return is $295 but will be higher if a taxpayer’s finances are complicated by significant investment activity appearing on Schedule D and Form 8949, a multi-state footprint, partnership K-1s, lots of interesting income and deduction items, and real estate investments. Learn More

Specialties: S Corporations and LLCs

My major specialty is tax preparation and planning for Subchapter S corporations and limited liability companies.

1120S Tax Return Preparation

If you're looking for a CPA firm that specializes in S corporations, and LLCs I'd like you to know I’m available...In fact, I have a special offer that works well for most new and many small Subchapter S corporations and LLCs.

If your firm's revenues and assets are under $250,000, I will prepare your 1120S or 1065 tax return, up to two K-1s, and your state's corporation return for $650 if you use QuickBooks Online or you can provide an accurate profit and loss statement as an Excel workbook or in a pdf.

Got a More Complicated Situation?

Just for the record, I can also easily help you if your situation is more complicated or if you use another accounting system, but predictably my prices run a bit more for more complex situations.  (Pricing for S corporation and LLC tax returns that need extra disclosures because assets or revenues exceed $250,000 typically run $850 to $1250, for example, as long as the books are clean, or relatively clean, and the business operates in a single state.)


Most tax preparers who offer audit assistance charge you a pretty penny for that “luxury.”  I have a better idea … each and every tax filing I prepare comes with my tax notice assistance for FREE.  So, I back up my work like I mean it.  I’ve got you covered.

Register by clicking on Gary L Hulett CPA take care of your taxes this year.