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Gary L Hulett CPA MBA MPAcc | Not Just Taxes - Not Just April

That means you have a partner to answer your questions and guide you throughout the year - not just before the tax deadline.

I'm a CPA focusing on small business bookkeeping and tax practice here in the Denver, CO metro area. It’s my passion but probably not yours. I relieve the burden and mystery of bookkeeping and focus on what they’re most passionate about and what they do best.

As a CPA in the 21st century, I embrace the Firm of the Future methods. I use the best accounting technologies to ensure my clients’ long-term success. By embracing modern bookkeeping, I have reshaped the way small businesses manage their company financials. 

By leveraging the Internet and cloud-based applications I am able to bring the accountant to the business — instead of the other way around — lowering costs and increasing efficiency. Despite my technology focus, I understand the need to preserve the accountant-client relationship. Hi, my name is Gary Hulett, I'm a CPA here in the Denver Metro, CO Area where I have lived since 1976 and this is where I raised my children (and now grandchildrenheart). I have been helping individuals, families and small businesses with their small business accounting and tax situations in the Denver Metro Area. I enjoy using technology to better serve my clients and make my practice more productive. When I developed my concept of a small business and personal tax CPA practice I wanted to be different from the run-of-the-mill practices. 

My experience as a business owner has provided unique insight into both the pressures and rewards of operating a small business. I am able to identify and work with complex tax situations and communicate and implement solutions efficiently, with great value to the business owner from both a budget and tax savings standpoint. I enjoy working with small business owners, sharing the benefits of S corporations and implementing tax savings strategies.

The CPA designation has always been the gold standard, a CPA is an elite accounting professional who is trusted for their skills, dedica tion, and quality. As a CPA I know accounting and tax rules and can provide my clients who choose to retain my services with valuable insight. Although there are many calling themselves accountants The CPA certification shows a commitment to the profession and national recognition of a broad base of accounting and tax knowledge. 

This is my chosen profession, I'll be here when you need me. I have invested the time and money to show my commitment to the profession and to my clients. I hold a bachelors degree in accounting and graduate degrees in accounting/tax and business administration. I didn't just start doing accounting and taxes on a whim.

Gary Hulett CPA, MBA, MPAcc-Tax

  •  Colorado licensed Certified Public Accountant 
  •  Bachelor of Science in Accounting -  Metropolitan State University of Denver.
  •  Master’s Degree in Accountancy. Metropolitan State University of  Denver.
  •  Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Fort Hays State  University. 
  •  Over 40 hours a year of Continuing Professional Education a year. I focus my continuing education on small business and personal tax issues. Yes, things change that fast

The Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) in Taxation prepares graduates for high-level careers in taxation, where economic decision-making depends on an in-depth knowledge of the tax code and its ramifications. The program offers broad training in the technical aspects and complexities of both corporate and personal taxation. Graduates develop strategic thinking skills and learn to use tax law to optimize tax planning and compliance. 

Satisfaction Is My Goal

I work on the premise that today’s business owners are well-informed and demand high-quality service. I strive to live up to those expectations.