May 24, 2018

Gary L Hulett CPA | Books & Taxes From $69

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Even if you think your income could be low this year, these provisions could be A HUGE PROBLEM if you don’t take action right away.

I help small businesses like yours with the new requirements this tax bill has put in place.  Several of the provisions inside the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 could prove very costly for those who are not educated about provisions like Sec. 199A and much more.

FACT: Sole-Proprietors/LLCs, You ARE Overpaying Taxes By $1000's

Here's what makes my practice is different, I choose to focus on the under-served market of very small, Small Businesses and the Self-Employed. Many CPAs won't work with you until you are in the $250,000 range because they have not figured out how to make your size business profitable to them. I leverage technology to reduce the amount of time it takes to process your basic bookkeeping and tax compliance. I pass those savings on to you for your basic services. If you are a sole proprietor or single-member LLC and just getting started or have income below $100K, you are exactly the type of client I am looking for.

As an experienced QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified accountant, I am looking for new clients to work FOR VIRTUALLY. I am Denver/Metro based. I work remotely/online from my home-office. I choose to work for those that are comfortable leveraging 21st-century communications technology. Gone are the days when the only option was meeting in person to collect documents.

Do Not Try This At Home: Did You Know? The IRS Requires Every Business To Keep Accurate And Up-To-Date Books. I Do This For You Starting @ Only $69/Month!

If you are a Small Business Owner or Self-Employed Professional there are some things you just shouldn’t do yourself, and bookkeeping and taxes are certainly two of them. I offer Full-service accounting for small businesses and two kinds of tax preparation — business and personal — both of which allow you to use my Virtual Tax Organizer, follow a few easy steps and then as your CPA I will prepare, review, file and sign your taxes. Incredibly easy tax prep — what a concept!

My services are simple, and they start for businesses like yours at just $69.00/mo.  You can afford that!  Here is what you get:

  • All bookkeeping completed including financial statements (You need these for loans, taxes, and more….).
  • Preparation of your Business Tax Returns including both the federal and state returns.
  • My customized tax strategy and savings plan that outlines easy steps to save big money.
  • A dedicated CPA for questions and much more!

Why Small Businesses Need a CPA

Small businesses need a financial tax advisor. But your business needs a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), not just an accountant. One of the most important parts of running a business is keeping your finances in order. No matter how small your business, using CPA services has its advantages. In fact, if you are currently grossing under $150,000 per year YOU are exactly the client I am looking for.

CPAs are licensed.  A CPA is licensed by a state and must keep current with tax laws in order to maintain a license in that state. After they are licensed, a CPA must also comply with continuing education requirements to maintain their licenses. You can learn more about the standards that CPAs must follow by checking out the CPA professional organization, the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

CPAs are familiar with tax laws. Knowledge of the tax code is a big part of a CPA's licensing exam. Many CPAs take yearly tax courses to keep up to date on the Tax Code. One of the biggest reasons small businesses need a CPA is because they are eligible to represent you before the IRS in an audit.

CPAs do financial analysis. CPAs do a more detailed analysis than bookkeepers or accountants. Plus, they advise on tax and financial matters. A CPA is more prepared and puts their license on the line by giving tax and financial advice.

I will cut right to the chase. I want to speak with you.  BUT…  ONLY IF YOU HAVE ONE OF THESE PROBLEMS:

  • Not sure what your business taxes will be
  • Feel like you are paying too much in taxes
  • Keeping your books on a spreadsheet
  • Unaware of Colorado business tax needs
  • Can’t say what your profit is each month
  • Not an S-corporation and not sure what it is
  • Don’t know what the Sec. 199A deduction is
  • Need business lending or been turned down

If none of these issues apply to you, then you might not need me right now.  But, if you read that list and at least one of these issues applies, then we should talk.

Small Business Bookkeeping: Have $10K to 100K of Income?

If you are a sole proprietor or single-member LLC and just getting started or have income below $100K, you are exactly the type of client I am looking for.

Sole Proprietors and Single-Member LLC's YOU CAN Save $1,000's in taxes

For entrepreneurs and independent contractors, the S Corporation status is a "loophole" that can save thousands of dollars and greatly reduce your tax burden. Like all loopholes, there are many costs of compliance and reporting requirements to take advantage of the opportunity. My S Corp system makes sure you meet the IRS requirements by streamlining and simplifying your accounting processes. With an investment in restructuring your business and streamlining your accounting processes, we will set you up to reduce costs and hassles by creating your S Corp. This is 100% legal and more experienced business owners have already made the switch, don't pay another dollar more than you are legally required.

With the help and guidance of my basic S-Corporation package, which includes basic payroll and Business tax return, I will do all the work to help you save tax money each and every year. You just pay me for my services out of the tax savings money, how great is that. You will still have plenty of money left over to reinvest in your business, put into a retirement plan or just back into your pocket.

As a business owner you are REQUIRED to keep good business records to prove your expenses for your tax return, why not pay for it all with the money you are saving from the FEDERAL Government?

If you're interested in learning more about how an S corporation can save you taxes, feel free to contact me.

Tax Services: Individuals & Small Businesses

Curious about what I charge for tax preparation?

I'm competitive with the national tax firms, lower than most CPA firms and a true value. Your cost is based on the complexity of your income tax return, without regard to the amount of your tax refund or time taken to prepare your return, and new clients receive a 10% introductory discount.

How it works: Unlike many firms, I don't charge by the hour for most of my services. I provide upfront pricing which means you'll know and agree to my fees prior to making any commitment. Once I have at least all material information required to prepare the return, I determine my fee based on your unique tax needs.

Find General Pricing Here

Payroll + Bookkeeping + Taxes = The Perfect Small Business Accounting Solution

I know bookkeeping isn’t for everyone. That’s why I offer CPA Bookkeeping and related professional services — to make back-office transactions easy. I am there for the solo-preneur, the mid-sized company and businesses in-between. Today, the days of waiting at an accountant's office are over. You can work just as easily from the comfort of your own home or office.

"What you will find with my CPA service — friendly, responsive and proactive service, at a fixed rate billing.  Like most everything I do, I’ve taken a unique approach to an old-school industry.  It’s definitely worth checking out."

Visit My Contact page For More Details. 

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